Thursday, December 24, 2009

Medic Alert tags: which one is best?

I have worn a medic alert bracelet for years, but it needs to be updated. I looked at Road ID wristband, which has two versions: one gives you six lines of basic information, the other gives a phone number and passcode that will let first responders access a complete health file that you can update at will. I decided to ask an EMT which one would be best.

To my surprise, he said that if I really wanted to get information to the EMTs, the best way would be to wear it around my neck. He said that the EMT's first job was to check for breathing and a clear airway, so the first place they look is at your head, neck and chest areas. So they would see a medic alert tag around your neck right away. They really wouldn't look at your extremities until later.

As a result of this conversation, I am looking for a Medic Alert-type dogtag that I can have engraved or stamped with basic info: blood types, allergies (esp. to medications), emergency contact.

If you have a serious or life-threatening condition that an EMT would need to know if you were in an accident and unable to speak, I suggest that you get some sort tag to wear around your neck. It could save your life

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Lizard Man cometh

So Sunday I went to a church potluck dinner and pigged out. Couple of hours later, I began having stomach pains and took some Pepto Bismol. I have been having bouts of this for some time, and usually a dose of Pepto calmed it down. NOT THIS TIME.

The next morning I went to my doctor, who immediately put me in the hospital. Ultrasound and a CAT scan showed I had gall stones and one of them was blocking the common bile duct. This blocked my pancreas and gave me pancreatitis. They decided to take out my gall bladder and gave me antibiotics to help deal with the pancreatitis.

Unfortunately, one of the antibiotics they gave me caused an allergic reaction--big time. In a few hours, I looked like the Lizard Man: red, scaly, and ITCHY.

The operation went well and, thanks to Benadryl, I am looking less and less lizardy--and feeling less and less itchy.

My sisters decided that I did not need to be alone while recovering, so I am at Martha's house in Hope Mills, NC, till after Christmas.


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